S.W.O.T Analysis



                         Strengths                               Weaknesses
1.     1:1 iPads in Second and Third Grade

2.     1:1 MacBooks in Fourth and Fifth Grade

3.     Infrastructure has been updated

4.     Several on site teacher leaders

5.     Principal has a vision for 21 century learning and is involved in DLP-DL

6.     ITF and Media coordinator available to model lessons and support digital learning.  Work collaboratively

7.     ITF and Media Coordinator involved in Digital Learning Coaches Network

8.     Monthly Tech Thursday

9.     PLC structure in place

1.     Many teachers unprepared for digital learning

2.     Technology is often used in ineffective ways

3.     Lack of time for professional development

4.     Lack of interest in professional development

5.     ITF only at school 2 days a week

6.     Media Coordinator semi-fixed schedule


                      Opportunities                                Threats
1.     Online PD capabilities (LMS)

2.     Develop and encourage Teacher Leaders to model lessons, provide support, and work collaboratively

3.     Student engagement will help alleviate some behavior issues

4.     Develop student “tech teams” to help with minor tech issues

5.     Visit schools where instructional technology is being used effectively

6.     Extend PLNs

7.     Use data from Friday Institute Survey to further assess digital learning needs

1.     Testing focus across the county

2.     Staff members who “don’t like” technology

3.     Old habits/hard to change

4.     Student behavior issues

5.     Lack of funds for substitutes for training/visits

6.     More devices will require additional demand on instructional tech support to “fix” devices, model lessons, offer 1:1


  1. Technology will be infused in lessons -not just for the sake of using technology
  2. Effective professional development – to include self-paced opportunities, will be available in various formats
  3. Students will be engaged with learning
  4. Students who are prepared for challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century
  5. Measurable student achievement
  6. PBL (Problem and Passion based learning)

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