Professional Development Models

I read about several strategies that I intend to investigate further and implement as I support the teachers in my district.

One strategy that I want to know more about is a video discussion group. I can envision the video including several aspects. I think it would be effective to view videos of teachers speaking about the instructional strategies they use in their classrooms including management, preparation, and the benefits of the strategy.  I also think a portion of the video should include the actual activity in the classroom.  Seeing and hearing effective instruction in action is a powerful tool and observing students engaged in meaningful learning experiences is inspiring.   Teachers often don’t have the opportunity to visit model classrooms in person. This could be a type of flipped professional development in that teachers watch the videos on their own time and come together for discussion or time permitting they could view the video together and discuss. I think the videos should be short and discussions should be authentic with each participate bringing a question, positive comment, or concern before the group.

I found several sites that offered videos for professional development.

Edutopia Videos      Teaching Channel     Edudemic

I would also like to develop and deliver a self-paced distance learning course. Funds are generally not available for substitutes to take over classes while teacher attend full day or multi-day professional development.  Many after school activities often prevent teachers from attending training after school.  Using a learning management system as a method of delivery will help teachers feel comfortable with the digital tools available and hopefully encourage them use a learning management system as they deliver content to their students.  I am thinking about developing my course in Edmodo. Our course has an Edmodo domain, it’s free, and has an easily navigable user interface.

PD using Edmodo  Edmodo PD Webinar

Perhaps I could incorporate the video discussions into the distance learning.

One other professional development strategy that I find intriguing is Ed Camps.  This “unconference” provides opportunities for anyone to present a topic that they are passionate about.

Why EdCamp?   Intro to EdCamp


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